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a phrase often used by white, preppy guilford connecticut teens who think that they are more "ill" than they actually are.

to these "dudes" who enjoy burn "cruizes" and "dank nugs", the phrase is simply a more detailed expression of spraying cum in helpless, innocent girls' faces

despite the fact that none of these white disenfranchised youths have never experienced this oral sensation, to them it is considered the "mantra of manhood" and even a way of life.
dome skeet your eyes are beat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#head #skeet #dome seat #justin #trevor
by saggz July 04, 2006
oral sex givin on a man. DOME(head of the penis) SKEET(cum).
that beezy over there gave me some domeskeet yesterday night.
#head #blow job #dome #skeet #deep throat
by east side blaza March 10, 2006
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