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a shortened version of the word dominated.
Person 1: "You just got dom'd dude."
Person 2: "Shit, yea I did."
by J Len February 07, 2008
The placing of a used condom on person, or most likely, a friends head.
Dude i totally Dom'd my Roommate this morning, He's pissed!
by Strato Star February 27, 2010
Slang for dominated, most popular in the massive online game, Runescape.
Jdub500: OMG I just DOM'D Zezima!

Ryan1335: Omg noway, what did you get?!
by Runescape<3 April 16, 2009
An acronym for the word 'Dominated'. Generally used in gaming, 'domd' is used when a player gets beaten by another in an excessive fasion.
The term can also be used in other contexts where someone gets beaten, hurt or pwnt.
player 1: fuck that noob used his lvl 2 dagon n raped me... bs.
player 2: oh man u got domd!
by xaxrelicx February 24, 2008
To get "Dom'd" is to be taken advantage of while emotionally vulnerable.

She was an emotional wreck, and he "Dom'd" her.
by Jerked Around June 02, 2007
A piece of shit group known as the dildos of mass destruction
Hey are you a D.O.M.D

NO bitch but i am a thunder cunt and i will beat your ass like theres no tomorrow and rape you

by OH MY GOD ITS COLTON August 05, 2006
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