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When a guy pops a huge wally wiener and pokes someone in the face. Usually the penile poke in the face is more like a jab but tricky experts in the art of dolphin punching have a variety of techniques like the upper cut, windmill, handstand reach around, and my all time favorite the sucker punch. "hey whats that over there", and BAM!!! a slap stick anaconda straight into their cornea. This is usually a prank played on friends, your girlfriend, or maybe your boss. So have fun dolphin punching your way to success.
Jose if you don't shut up i'm gonna dolphin punch you right in your eye.
by Saltbox October 26, 2005
When punch and or slap someone using your penis
"wow did you hear? Foulcault dolphin punched himself in the eye!"
by Syntax1985 December 20, 2014
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