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N. (State of being) By searching for this term, you have been caught doin' the most. Often used when somebody over-uses, over-does, or over-kills anything, or goes out of their way for an insignificant reason.

*In text messages and other text-forms of communications, it is often abbreviated as "dtm". Quite often it is followed or lead by a "smh" or "shaking my head".

Me: I just wrote a definition for "doin' the most" on Urban Dictionary.

Friend: You're doin' the most.


Girl: IDGAF, so STFU and GTFO.

Me: Dtm, smh.
by CertifiedBlackGuy October 21, 2011
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When someone is just over-exaggerating, trying to draw a lot of attention, or putting themselves out there in a needy manner.
"Omg! Why is she wearing those leopard print leggings?! She is DOIN' THE MOST!"
by ilovekligg January 22, 2012

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