Midwestern to East Coast slang pronuciation of the name 'Dirk'
C'mon Uncle Doik, let's jam!
by Dirk Wieringa February 04, 2004
Top Definition
An insult when someone is acting like a dick and dork at the same time.

Or when you're feeling too kind to call someone a dick but they deserve to be called something harsher than a dork.
When in a car - "Stop flipping off the people on side of the road you doik!"
by C K Knight January 10, 2008
Doik = noun.

Derived from the work doi. (the essence of everything)

It is the place in question you are or where somebody else is.

It can also be the object that is in use by someone or the object desired by someone.
Scott: Come over to my doik tonight for some drinks!
Joel: Actually, I'm already having people over to my doik tonight so YOU come to MY doik!

Also, in the context of an object:

"Pass me that doik!" - of you are holding a pen than you know that pen has been replaced with the noun doik.
by The Real Xian October 07, 2010
a short rabbit like punch
"i'm going to doik you in the nose"
by meagan. March 16, 2008
A random syllable pronounced in such a way to rhyme with 'yoik.' Intended as a slur that carries with it every horrible prejudice anyone harbors against a person and their kind.
Doug: "There! I advance to blue...and I win again!"

Max: "Oh, you...you...doik!"

Doug: "What! What's a doik?"

Max: "If you must know, I made it up as a horrible epithet!"

Doug: "Oh."

Max: "I'm so ashamed! I intended it as a slur that carries with it every horrible prejudice anyone harbors against you and your kind..."

Doug: "My kind?"

Max: "Yeah, but it's not a real word--just a random syllable I spat out."
by Tom the Dancing Bug April 16, 2006
Dracula Organization In Kansas
You idiot, that goes over there....doik.
by Annie Alvarez April 09, 2006
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