1: the hood
2: local cluster of neighbors
In the movie, FULL METAL JACKET, the dogpatch is the local Vietnamese village celebrating New Years.
by APdog December 28, 2005
Top Definition
Dogpatch is a fictional town in the "Lil Abner" comic strip. The town was often referred to by its inhabitants and outsiders as being the most miserable and unnecessary place on Earth.

There is a neighborhood in Los Angeles (located in the city of Paramount) that is referred to as Dogpatch, probably because it is very poor and gang infested.
My homeboys live in Dogpatch, right next to Compton.
by Johnny Jinx April 19, 2006
dogpatch, or "the patch" is a poor part of Kansas City, Mo.
located just south of Truman road at Blue Ridge blvd. it is a trailer park on the side of a steep hill.
A drug infested community.
The best dope in town is in dogpatch.
by shomesomethin July 11, 2010
The call sign of Colonel Tom Ryan (Brigadier General Thomas R. Ryan) of the television show, The Unit.
Do you read me Dog Patch?
by downtownbosscat April 05, 2010
an isolated place where families intergrate, or interbreed
My cousin is my brother, its a dog patch thing.
by olos October 20, 2005
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