1. A SuPeR sExI FrEsHmEn SwEetHeArT oF A GuY tHat Any GiRl WuD bE lUcKy To HaVe.
2. No GiRl CaN kEeP HeR hAnDs OfF Of ThIs RaD SeXi BeAsT...(lIteRaLlY)
3. NOT AN ASSHOLE..no matter how much he thinks he is!
4. My BeStEsT BuDdY EvR dunnO WhAt I wUd Do WiThOuT tHiS GuY... I HoPe Ur WeEk StArTs GoIn BetTeR!!
DoGgO is SuCh a RaD SeXi BeAst AnD WaY CoOlEr ThEn AnYoNe ElSeS PaRtY BuDdY!
by jamie November 17, 2004
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a hot dog wrapped in a tortilla and microwaved. sometimes with cheddar cheese.
Mitch doesn't want to become white trash, yet he wraps up a hot dog in a tortilla, microwaves it, and calls it a doggo.
by nathew July 31, 2006
1. a loser who couldnt get a chick if his life depended on it.
2. someone with no purpose in the world
3. one ugly son of a bitch
Doggo is such a loser.
by himself January 09, 2005
A HeCkA CoOl SeXi fReShMeN tHaT gIrLs CaNt KeEp ThEiR hAnDs OfF of!...
What a sexi loser thAT Doggo kid is.
by jamie November 14, 2004

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