1. A SuPeR sExI FrEsHmEn SwEetHeArT oF A GuY tHat Any GiRl WuD bE lUcKy To HaVe.
2. No GiRl CaN kEeP HeR hAnDs OfF Of ThIs RaD SeXi BeAsT...(lIteRaLlY)
3. NOT AN ASSHOLE..no matter how much he thinks he is!
4. My BeStEsT BuDdY EvR dunnO WhAt I wUd Do WiThOuT tHiS GuY... I HoPe Ur WeEk StArTs GoIn BetTeR!!
DoGgO is SuCh a RaD SeXi BeAst AnD WaY CoOlEr ThEn AnYoNe ElSeS PaRtY BuDdY!
by jamie November 17, 2004
Top Definition
A big ol pupper.
What the fuck is doggo?
A big ol pupper.
by VictorLictor June 22, 2016
An alternate term for a dog used on meme pages to express the meaning of the picture. Usually found in captions.
The doggo rolled on the floor to please his master.
by Succmaster June 06, 2016
A cute way of saying dog
Guy 1: look at that cute lil doggo

Guy 2: awwww

Guy 3: you guys are lame
by TEMOTOG June 13, 2016
A dank meme of a dog or other animal like snipsnip doggos not the woof Bork ones.
Doggo does a laff.
by Krusty krab pizza June 17, 2016
What you call any animal that isn't a dog.
"That's one ugly doggo" Comment on a picture of a cat.
by An angry doggo June 27, 2016
A dog faced girl that you probably matched with on Tinder
Yeah some doggo from Tinder is coming over. She said she's down with the crew if you want to hang around.
by john to the b November 28, 2015
a hot dog wrapped in a tortilla and microwaved. sometimes with cheddar cheese.
Mitch doesn't want to become white trash, yet he wraps up a hot dog in a tortilla, microwaves it, and calls it a doggo.
by nathew July 31, 2006
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