Dies On Day Guarantee Expires
Spit, Sputter, Sputter....freaking DODGE!
by Anonymous July 08, 2003
An abbreviation of the word Dodgey, meaning 1: strange, 2: risky, 3: fake or 4: ill.
1. That was well dodge man, the cup moved by itself.
2. You wanna go jack some yutes? Nah man, it's bare dodge round here because of all the feds.
3. You wanna buy this genuine leather purse madam? No thanks luv, it looks a bit dodge.
4. I'm feeling a bit dodge
by Aidan Brooks June 01, 2005
Drips Oil Drops Grease Everywhere mopar dirtydodgehemioil
Your dodge truck left a spot on my new driveway
by mark koran October 26, 2006
Dented Or Damaged Greatly Everyday
A dodge car was dented greatly.
by Robert February 15, 2005
Biggest white trash car manufacturer
Jedd: Hey Cletus! Does that thing got a hemi?
Cletus: It's a dodge ain't it?
Jedd: Holy shitbuckets! I forgot those sons a bitches put hemis in all their cars!
by gotohellwhitetrash November 30, 2004
The very worst car company in the world. Dodge is made up of ass licking soul-suckers, who sell cars that die after 50,000 miles.

Every person who has purchased one will agree that their Dodge was a complete piece of rotting horse shit.

If they say anything good about theirs, Dodge paid them to say so, plus they're robots who live off crack and bengay.
My mom likes Dodge and she's a crack smoking robot republican from middle America.
by yummypinkblobs October 13, 2006
What one of you needs to get out of if there ain't room for the two of you there.
Get out of Dodge. There ain't room here for the both of us.
by Downstrike May 27, 2004
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