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Like a movie, except boring.
Tibby Rollins from The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
by sammy bammers June 05, 2005
16 47
Porn, what you watch when you masturbate
Hey man, don't come into my room for a bit, I'm going to be watching a documentary. KTHXBAI
by SLAMHOGSLAYER1 February 06, 2010
21 10
It's like a regular movie except it has ugly people.
Guy 1: man that movie had some ugly people in it
Guy 2: are you suprised it was a documentary after all
by Iloveashleys October 05, 2009
21 18
The same thing as a real movie, but with ugly people.
"So I just watched the Sex in the City Movie"

"I heard that was a pretty good documentary"

"Oh no, its a real movie, it just happens to star Sarah Jessica Parker"
by SilentEDJ October 05, 2009
7 18
A euphemism for sex.
Last night I watched a documentary with Jacquelynn, 3 times.
by NakedManBen August 18, 2007
10 26