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Like a docudrama, a "docucomedy" is an accurate reenactment of a true-life story. However, for a filmmaker, a "docucomedy" is far more challenging than a docudrama as the comedic moments and funny dialogue peppered throughout "had to have really happened." i.e., They must be real and naturally occurring not fabricated.

Sometimes, the dry, fact-based, narrative of Detective Joe Friday (upon questioning a stoned hippie) in the TV police docudrama, "Dragnet," contained some elements of a "docucomedy."

Nonetheless, a "docucomedy" is not to be confused with the comedic mockumentary genre that includes films such as "Borat," "Spinal Tap" or "Mail Order Wife."
For people who truly believe that their life story is a full-on, human comedy or if they think that last year's vacation in China (looking for their future spouse) was a "non-stop, barrel of laughs," perhaps they should seriously consider making a "docucomedy."
by ZonaCat Hansen November 18, 2008

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