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An imaginary monkey on your back who messes things up for you. That monkey is your dobro. It is associated with social and physical blunders. Can be used as a noun, adjective or verb.

It is important that whatever the dobro messes up or "dobros" for you must have had a legitimate chance of success. Outright failures and belligerent actions are not dobros, or are not caused by the dobro.
As a noun
"I've made peace with my dobro"

As a verb
Boy: "I set my alarm for PM instead of AM and missed class"
Girl: "You dobro'd that"

As a adjective
Boy: "hey Sally"
Girl: "My name is Susan"
Boy: "oops, that was dobro"
by Chekov December 10, 2007
this is a resophonic slide guitar played by fingerpicking and a steel bar-slide which puts the tens of millions of standard guitars to shame with its most tremendous sustain and tone. It is often referred to as a "hubcap" guitar due to its appearance. In the presence of a dobro, other guitars shudder and whisper (without much tone): "Dobros pwn us, and we are unworthy of attention!"
Holy Moley, that Jerry Douglas must be the Dobro God.

(sound samples available)
by turnover September 16, 2005
A familial shortening of Double Brown, a low priced but tasty beer "brewed" by Dominion Breweries in NZ.
20 for 20 dude. Can't beat the ol' Do-Bros.
by Steve Gordon February 13, 2008