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A term used by people making Vines, to do ANYTHING it takes for entertainment or comedic purposes.
Guy 1: Hey! Go run in the store and drop your pants!
Guy 2: Nahh, chill!
Guy 1: Come on!! DO IT FOR THE VINE!!
Guy 2: Ughhh, fine..
Guy 1: *films*
by Vine Master October 03, 2013
when you want someone to do something, take your phone and say "do it for the vine" while recording him, then he'll do it because of the "social" pressure.
rebecca: "hey dude, someone told me you know how to wiggle wiggle like anyone else"
mike: "are you kidding? there is no way
rebecca: "do it"
mike: "no"
rebecca: "do it! do it! Do it for the vine!"
mike wiggleing... ;)
by lebecthebec May 15, 2014