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Not refering to anybody named Steve.

"Do a steve" is a request, asking a person to "do a Steve." To "do a Steve" is to preform an action, not nessecarily a logical or possible action. Most any responce to "do a Steve" is appropriate.

The request usually occurs after a moment of silence or upon greeting.
*doorbell rings*
Guy: Oh hey, man, sup? Come on in.
Guy2: Sup man, do a Steve.
Guy: *grabs ankle*
by Cap'n Awesome April 26, 2005
to do a steve is to perform an aggressive act of humping with your clothes on to the point where your dong rashes up like your arm in an indian sun burn.
guy 1 : do a steve!?

guy 2 : ouch.
by bfz July 11, 2005
To be a lazy bastard,
not to go to college,
sit at home and play the Xbox.
"you doin a steve tomorrow"
by Kyle Fleming April 29, 2005