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1) To drive at 100 miles per hour.
2) To anally violate a male deer.
John: "What you in here for?"
Dave: "Double homicide."
John: "Small-timer, eh?"
Dave: "Yeah. How 'bout you?"
John: "I got caught doing a buck in a school zone."
Dave: "Shit dude, that's like 85 miles an hour over the speed limit! You could have killed some kids!"
John: "What? How would that kill any kids? Maybe traumatize them for life. thought I was in here for speeding! Hell no, man, by "do a buck" I meant I was ass-raping a deer in front of the school!"
by Nick D November 11, 2005
a buck = 100, so to do a buck is to go 100 mph
as Nate Dogg says in Can't Deny It -- "switchin' lanes, do a buck with me"
by Lucky Charm May 26, 2005
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