department of motor vehicles (aka hell)
going down to the DMV!
by jonny December 03, 2002
a term used to refer to DC, Maryland, Virginia as a unit. Origin is disputable - but started being used widely circa 2009 in radio spots, gogo music (Wale, Mambo Sauce) and for party promotion. The masses embrace the term, while many NATIVE and TRUE Washingtonians resent it.
The DMV is doing it big this weekend with Friday Night at Lux Lounge, Saturday Night at ......
by 4thGenerationWashingtonian February 23, 2010
abbr.: Department of Motor Vehicles.
"I've been to hell and I spell it, I spell it DMV." - Primus
by BillG April 18, 2005
Department of Motor Vehicles

Often a place where trashy people and immigrants go to hang out.

You can also get your license there, though it's rare.
I almost hit a bitch in the parking lot at the DMV.
by iatemybaby July 19, 2005
An updated version of going postal...going dmv. Since the dept of motor vehicles is so fun and the people are so fucking pleasant. You always leave that place pissed off.
If these lawyers don't call me back today, I'm gonna go DMV on their asses!!!!
by black_bird April 05, 2008
D.M.V is basicly D.C,Maryland and Virginia but together
Person 1:Yeah Son Im from the D.M.V

D.M.V is the home of the realest people, Party Corner, one of the hardest part of u.s.a
by Aquafina2047 May 29, 2009
Department of Motor Vehicles. The William Shakespeare of the worst place to wait in line for!!!!
I can't believe I had to wait in line for 2 hours to get a new fucking ID!!! I piss on the DMV's face!
by Bartle_Doo August 16, 2009

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