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To download, especially in AIM style shorthand typing
yo did u dload that J-Kwon song?
by ChosenOne5 March 17, 2004

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(n) When a man's penis is so long he tries to hide the length by tucking the shaft down between the buttocks but leads to failure because it looks like he has doo-dooed in his pants.

(n) ejaculate or cum so much to the point of soaking a girl from head-to-toe.

(v) to ejaculate the cum from a creampie "upload;" to get rid of a cum-load from the vagina.
"Sammy doesnt want to scare them off by his length but looks like has a d-load in his pants"

"It isnt shit its a d-load"

"She had a lot to d-load after he came in her"

"He totally d-loaded all over her, she was soaked"
by btardo February 15, 2010