It derives from the language of "chaver" meaning stupid or silly.
"eeeeeee-a who u lookin at ya divy cunt, ill nock ye teeth out"
by Lucky July 18, 2004
Top Definition
unique individual who runs people pretty much.
yo that kid was good at bball he pulled a divy
by Dvsone December 30, 2005
To divide up into sections by means of separating.
Obaid will divy the half-once of weed him and I brought into rolling papers.
by Lord Webster July 13, 2010
A precise operation in a merge sort algorithm
Gotta divy, divy, divy that array
by Bungalow Bill October 15, 2001
divy, divvy
The Cooperative Society in the North of England operated a scheme whereby each time a purchase was made in one of their stores, a small amount (a dividend, hence divy) was added to your account. At the end of the month, this would be used by the shopper towards future purchases
"Eh, I've spent so much at the Coop this month, I'll be able to get a telly with the divy"
by smokingpigeon July 20, 2004
Somebody who can do stupid things or doesnt not understand much or eats a lot of sausages.
Dave: uuum huh? how?

Person X: hahaha divy!
by Jason. July 14, 2003
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