the female version of a hustla
beyonce is a diva
by yuwanna1 February 18, 2009
Generally no longer correlated with the original definition of the successful/adored/talented/beautiful/stylish female icon.

Nowadays it has come to define the materialistic and demanding cuntbag. Most often, this modern low-to-middle-class household 'diva' is not relevant on so much as a local level; let alone the celebrity she tends to perceive herself as (even though she has more myspace friends and photo comments than all of *~da haterz~*.

The self-proclaimed suburb breed of diva is also convinced that she is the blueprint of the ideal woman, while she may appear completely beat to the average onlooker. She also has no education or career credentials to back up her overabundance of confidence. It doesn't matter; you are but another hater sippin' on that bottle of haterade.

Although there is very little significant activity in the lives of this observed diva species, recreation includes:
-updating photos on and checking comments for MySpace page
-raiding the kiosks at the mall which sell knock-off designer handbags
-going to clubs, where aging desperates fund their tabs while they dance to the hottest mainstream rap songs and sweat their spray-on tan off
-verbally bashing less 'fabulous' individuals and loathing females more attractive than themselves.
-daddy issues
-participating in petty social drama
-not getting enough dick, thus feeling the need to convince the rest of the humanity of their grandiosity.
No, a diva is not "the female version of a hustla", more like the female version of Sean "Puffy" Combs...except broke.
by thesarsvolta February 10, 2009
female version of a hustla
beyonce is a diva
by adhjyckyklb February 04, 2009
A diva is a female version of a hustler.
Beyonce is a diva.
by iwannabeincali February 03, 2009
Diva (f)- see Hustler
A Diva is a female version of a hustler.
by mizz0mer February 01, 2009
female version of a hustla
That diva played the hell out of me!
by laura flakes January 29, 2009
A diva is the female version of a hustla! duhh!
Dang she a diva, she be makin that money!
by kikalicious1991 January 28, 2009

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