A diva is a female version of a hustler.
Beyonce is a diva.
by iwannabeincali February 03, 2009
according to beyonce, a diva is a female version of a hussler
diva by beyonce
by heartyoubabe69 January 24, 2009
Diva is the female version of a hustla
LOL Diva.
by S.Raad January 20, 2009
The female version of a hustler
Man that diva be gettn her paper!
by Ashton Janae January 16, 2009
originally, a female opera singer. Then in the 80s MTV defined "diva" as a "woman singer who sings with emotion". Whitney Houston and Tina Turner were listed as divas. Now it basically refers to a music or movie star who is famous for her sexiness but has zero talent. She thinks the universe revolves around her and is surrounded by yesmen/yeswomen who roll out the red carpet and kiss her ass, telling her she's great. A self-centered rich bitch. There are a lot of spoiled talentless haughty divas around today.
Mariah Carey is constantly greeted by toadies and ass-kissers who tell her she looks nice every day and they roll out a red carpet before her. She's such a diva. Also, Britney Spears is out partying all the time this week while most of us have to work. What a diva!
by California Sun December 06, 2006
A Giant-Ego, Bitchy, High Maintenance woman who abosoultely must have everything her way no matter what and sees Blue Collar people as scum.
The Three Biggest Divas of all time are Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera, and Sharon Stone. (VERY picky)
by G-Union 2 August 02, 2004
A 300 pound black woman. A BEAST!!!!!!!!
Queen Latifa is a DDDDIVA
by I HATE SNAKES!!!!! May 12, 2009
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