stupid girl, ususally blonde and rich
that ditz just tried to compliment me. shes so dumb
by kt June 05, 2003
Alternative of the word 'Ditto'. Commonly used by many, it is slowly replacing 'Ditto' itself, and becoming a national phenomenon.
'You have nice abs dude'
'Ditz man'
by Thebes January 06, 2008
see cheerleader
by e31 July 31, 2003
someone who thinks life is just a jolly bowl of cherries waiting to be popped
omg kate said she popped her cherry with a pen...what a ditz!
by Humil July 01, 2003
basically an insult.
also can mean-> stupid ugly muther fuker
or when you can't think of an insult back (thus u say ditz)
alyssa- Celina you are such a ditz cuz u ate drank my chocolate milk!
celina- well your a ditz for sleeping with my brother last night


you- OH YEAH!! well well .... your a DITZ
by eli-xxx January 13, 2007
Deal or whats going on
guy1:What's the ditz?
guy2:no idea
by Kooby May 25, 2005
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