Boobs that are over size "DD" replacing the word titties
Check out them Ditties
#boobs #big #titties #breasts #large tits
by waywardwords April 09, 2015
titties with a boston accent
im ganna dake ur ditties, and mash dem shits togedder rite?
by your mothers ditties March 18, 2005
can be used as a noun, verb, adjective or any other part of the english language as a supplemental replacement for any other noun, verb, adjective, etc.
often makes its way into the language of drunken sorority girls with too much time on their hands, and those who are still single.
"That's a cute little ditty."
"She obviously dittled him."
"Did you see the ditties I bought at the mall?"
"Why are there ditty markings all over the wall?"
#diddy #dity #didy #dittled #dittling
by Siggle Suite August 05, 2007
male hotties; in other words, males aged 16-19 who are attractive beyond their years.
Ditty is slang for guy firends that you fool around with.

Lets hook up with some ditties tonight.

Damn, did you see those hot-ass ditties at the mall?

Yeah...I woulda hooked up with at least three of them, but I don't want to go to jail, so I fucked one of their dads instead.
#males #guys #dicks #hotties #fuckable
by Eliza Hitch January 15, 2008
In reference to something "Shitty".
Something bad, someone bad, or something/someone inferior.
"Dude, I just stubbed my toe...Ditty!"
#dittily #baida #baids #scron #dittyscron
by Andy Weaver April 16, 2008
fecal matter,shit,excrement,animal waste
Oh no, i just stepped in some dog ditty.
#poop #manure #crap #shit #doo doo
by B. RAD October 08, 2005
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