A pokemon from the original 151 pokemon.
Type: normal
Species: trasform pokemon
Ability: limber
Pokedex number:
Kanto: 132
Johto: 92
Hoenn: 287
Sinnoh - N/A
Pink blob which has only one attack "transform" which allows it to transform into whatever pokemon it likes, but cannot just transform on memory alone.
Able to breed with any pokemon breed with the exception of legendaries.
If you're one of those pokemon game players who likes to give your pokemon nicknames which sound simmilar to their original name.
i.e. Blaze for blaziken.
One of the very humourus nicknames you can give Ditto is "dildo" which makes me wet myself laughing whenever my shiny ditto enters combat
by screamtillyoudie September 22, 2009
Rachael Blakely's word for "same"
Grecia gets mad at Her girlfriend Rachael Blakely because Rachael always says "ditto".
Grecia: I love you Rachael
Rachael: ditto
by Sharkbateoohaha December 22, 2014
basically means "you said it" in Italian.
(past participle of dire which means to say)

a term of complete agreement.

when written, " " is the ditto sign, indicating to repeat what precedes it.
Joe: I think that movie sucked.
Mark: Ditto.

Mark, 11:30, 12/2/09
" " 1: 34, 1/23/10
by D4N-1919 October 17, 2009
"Ditto" means "Same here" or "I agree". "Ditto" was also a copy machine.
Cashier #1: "I came here an extra hour early at 7:00"
Cashier #2: "Ditto"
by Paper_Airplaner_5 December 27, 2011
when you're talking to someone, and they are thinking/doing the same thing.
Brinsley " Hey whatcha doingg?"
Lauren " Coloring(; "
Brinsley " Oh haha ditto(: "
by secretpink86 January 02, 2010
A pokemon which copies the opponents moves and looks.
A ditto with any pokemon by giving it to the day care so thereforre it's like a prostitute.
I use my Ditto to see if the enemy knows the move earthquake
by Thepokemonnerd March 18, 2011
A girl who has been with EVERYONE, in ditto in Pokemon.
Guy 1: Hey bro last night I was with Jean
Guy 2: Wow Jean is a total Ditto
by TheTacoBandit November 05, 2014
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