Used when you want to say the same thing in return to someone, but you can't be arsed to type the full thing. Means 'same here' pretty much.
Dude 1: I love you

Dude 2: Ditto

Dude 1: Aww
by Dubstep Froggo August 17, 2012
Commonly used by teachers to say 'worksheets'
Remember class, you have a ditto to complete for homework
by veggieness May 08, 2005
Something you say to your boyfriend when he says I love you when you are mad at him. originated from the movie GHOST, as a way to avoid actually saying those three words...stupid commitment phobe!
Matthew: Oh hey why are you mad at me? I love you.
Jo-Dee: I'm not mad okay! Ditto!
by Scandalicious (Jo-Dee) April 30, 2003
Ditto is a termed coined in the movie "Ghost" with Demi moore. Ditto="I love you".
Woman: I love you
Man: Ditto
by A great American January 17, 2006
right back at you! used as a reponse to someone.
she said, your so fine! he said DITTO !!
by kelly sullivan March 22, 2005
no real back round. refers to an agreement.
"I love this show"
by Natalie March 20, 2005
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