Ditto was the bestest pokemon of dem all!
I choose you Ditto! :)
by Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town January 30, 2005
Ditto is a termed coined in the movie "Ghost" with Demi moore. Ditto="I love you".
Woman: I love you
Man: Ditto
by A great American January 17, 2006
right back at you! used as a reponse to someone.
she said, your so fine! he said DITTO !!
by kelly sullivan March 22, 2005
no real back round. refers to an agreement.
"I love this show"
by Natalie March 20, 2005
A girl who has been with EVERYONE, in ditto in Pokemon.
Guy 1: Hey bro last night I was with Jean
Guy 2: Wow Jean is a total Ditto
by TheTacoBandit November 05, 2014

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