Ditto was the bestest pokemon of dem all!
I choose you Ditto! :)
by Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town January 30, 2005
Worst word in the english language. It is the laziest word, it is just an excuse not to respond properly.
"I love you, hope you have a good day tomorrow"
by Erica I. November 04, 2010
Rachael Blakely's word for "same"
Grecia gets mad at Her girlfriend Rachael Blakely because Rachael always says "ditto".
Grecia: I love you Rachael
Rachael: ditto
by Sharkbateoohaha December 22, 2014
When a guys feels like sh*t and really wants to apologize to someone very special but has no idea how to do it.
Guy: Im an idiot please forgive me?

Girl: Whatever...


Girl: OK but don't you dare break my heart again!
by Mr holloway August 19, 2013
done it two times over
(same or i agree)
Man1: Damn she's hot!
Man2: Ditto
by kobij007 April 09, 2012
A pokemon which copies the opponents moves and looks.
A ditto with any pokemon by giving it to the day care so thereforre it's like a prostitute.
I use my Ditto to see if the enemy knows the move earthquake
by Thepokemonnerd March 18, 2011
"Ditto" means "Same here" or "I agree". "Ditto" was also a copy machine.
Cashier #1: "I came here an extra hour early at 7:00"
Cashier #2: "Ditto"
by the_latin_cowboy_up December 27, 2011
There are actually 2 definitions:
1. Same here
2. I totally agree
Dude, Karen looks horrible! Woah, what happened to your face?" "Ditto.
by Catsoup June 09, 2010

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