A word invented by a student at Miami University that is really a parking lot but he thought it would be funny if he made it mean something sexual. This was done so he could use it one his songs that he writes that are not good but he thinks they are. Ditmer is not a vagina. It's a parking lot. The kid who wrote that is not funny
Ditmer is a parking lot not a Vagina.
by Random122 March 17, 2008
Top Definition
A student parking lot at Miami University. It is known for being far away from everything on campus and for being the place that all the freshmen and sophomores have to walk miles to in order to get there car even in 6 feet of snow.
I left my car at Ditmer and it sucks!
by Random122 March 17, 2008
A vagina which is larger in size than the penis that is attempting to penetrate the void.

A vagina that provides little friction in relation to the relatively small girth of a penis.
"Damn GIRL! You have a ditmer! I can't feel your vaginal walls against my dick!"

"Bitch! You whore! Your vagina is too loose for my penis!"
by Stephanno January 24, 2008
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