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To leave something that is not finished.
To ditch a person is to leave them;
prefabley to run in the opposite direction!
Awww man me and Max were like totally spraying-up the high school board; and then ol' crawford comes!
I totally ditched max 'n' did a runner!
by Flora Veale August 05, 2005
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When you ask your buddy to pick you up and he tells you he'll be there soon. He says he's doing something else and he'll come later, then he just does it again and again.
AAAJ:Hey bud can you come drive me to this banger?Murph: Yeah I will be there in 20 I'm just changing my break pads on my piece of shit truck.

AAAJ: its been an hour and a half, where are you?
Murph: take a deep fucking breath I'll be there in 15.
AAAJ: Ahhhhhh I"m getting ditched
by Chilly and Hooley May 17, 2010
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When someone ditches you on a Skype when either one of persons is talking and the other one hangs up.

Only applies to skype calls.
The girl was telling the boy a neat story and in the middle of the story he hung up the skype call and never picked it back up. The girl was ditched.
by TheYum October 10, 2011
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