The incorrect word that Bear Grylls feels he needs to use way too often on Man Vs. Wild instead of disoriented.
"I met a family recently who had been caught in a huge avalanche and when it stopped they were completely disorientated and had no idea which way was up and which way was down."
by McMandar March 31, 2010
Top Definition
A word describing one who has lost his/her bearings or direction.

Disorientated is the British English form of the American word Disoriented, and is not incorrect or 'ignorant' by any means or measure.
I had far too much to drink last night, which left me wholly disorientated, causing me to get on the wrong bus and end up 40 miles from my house.
by perennialrecluse1000 July 25, 2010
Disorientated is the British spelling/pronunciation (originally from a French word) of the US slurred and lazy variant disoriented. Meaning: Confused. To lose one's sense of direction.

It appears in all English dictionaries (as opposed to US-English) and the word has been in use since (at least) circa 1704.
Whilst walking around the numerous corridors of his new college, George became disorientated and couldn't find his way back out.
by NightOwl1 November 08, 2010
The illiterate form of disoriented, uttered by those who find language disorienting.
Dang! If I woodiv lernt to reed I woodent bee so disorientated.
by Jeff Lyons August 26, 2007
Disorientated is one of the most common misspellings of disoriented. And it sounds really nasty and uneducated.
Pete: "I was so disorientated!"
Nelly: "You mean, disoriented!"
by Shulian February 15, 2010
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