An administrator from the ATHERIAL DREAMS server chains.
Current Rank: better than xhyro
Current status: sexy
Dismallight <pronounced diz-mall-lyte> means a weak light energy source.
Dismallight was made by ZACK R, or Shroomic, {dismallights best freind} and, an old DCI player. Dci being an older server that betrayed its players during an update. May be used:
XHYRO: Yo Dismallight, I think you are cool.
DISMALLIGHT: Why thank you!
WARWOLF:Whats up dizzy
DISMALLIGHT: Not much, you?
KATPAW: Dismal, is durby48 banned?
DISMAL: Oh yes, of course he is Katten <nickname> durby48 is a dumbarse! <slang term>
by DISMALLIGHT August 07, 2012

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