1. A chore that's totally disgusting to you and should be considered abuse for making you do it.

2. Something barf-worthy. No matter how you try to filter it (i.e. through your shirt, covering your mouth, holding your breath) you can still smell/taste the "disgustipating-ness"
1. While Jerry was doing the dishes, he exclaimed, "Mom, this is disgustipating!" as he picked up the pan from the sink filled with gook from last night's dinner.

2. Sherri freaked when her baby sister soiled her diaper in front of her and her boyfriend. He said goodbye to Sherry quickly and ran out of the house because of the disgustipationg smell.
by junjuns dictionary April 01, 2009
Top Definition
gross, sickening, revolting, grotesque, horrendous
Did you see those leftovers? They were so disgustipating!
by Starchylde March 04, 2016
Extremely disgusting, especially with reference to filthy objects or areas.
The bottom of the trash can is disgustipating!
by Erika September 23, 2003
Something that's Disgusting... but in a cute or humorous way.
That joke was really DISGUSTIPATING, I'd hit you for saying it, but I can't stop laughing.
by Fuckin' David April 14, 2011
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