Someone that you cant stand. That every time you see them you just throw up in your stomach. Someone that you just really don't like.
Person A: Oh look there is Tom!
Person B: Ugh, disgusting. I hate him.
by Tcfub12 July 12, 2008
Any gas prices that have existed since around 2002 or so.
Jesus Christ... #.## for a gallon of gas? That's fucking disgusting!
by Saint Jackal May 14, 2008
It looks like it's disgusting!!
by The Muse of Music June 29, 2011
When something is so amazing it breaches the boundaries of sickness, and becomes disgusting.

Another word for good, or awesome.
Dude, that party last night; it was sick!
Nah man, it was friggin disgusting!
by HoodedSonny March 09, 2010
If I have to watch the entire video again, a massive torrent of semi-fluid urine/diarrhea will come pouring out of my anus and encrust my chair, my pants, and my legs in a crusty orange paste. Then I will be fossilized to my chair until someone comes along who is brave enough to endure the reaking odor and to cross the fecal marsh of mush radiating from my stool dares to break his water...bucket over my head and peel away the festering refuse that caked me.
so disgusting i just threw up
by pwnagez August 19, 2008
Your giving your grandmother a kiss and she slips her tongue in.
oh dear lord that is disgusting!
by superdupercool July 27, 2006
A term for 2010 its the hottest way to define something more than fierce...
Those shoes are disgusting I cant wait to wear them at the club on friday night.
by Idai January 01, 2010

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