when your on the gear!!! your brain is spewing forth so many ideas but they cant come out as fast as you say it, then you forget the original idea!! and then they merge to one and its all fucked
i wish we just youtubed our discombobulation writing this shit down.
the above sentence is discombobulated.
wait....no it's not!
get it yet?
it just told me i had to seperate tages by commas! ,
by Bobbyfoodbabyhamish November 27, 2011
Top Definition
totaly screwed up either physically or mentaly
mommy said i had issues but i knew i was just discombobulated
by Drew January 10, 2003
the act of the molecular structure of a human (for arguments sake) being taken apart at an atomical level, and put back together into a different order by the act of recombobulation.

also a cool word that sounds funny when your fucked.
wendy got discombobulated and recombobulated into a pumpkin, then proceded to batter the fuck out of the punky lemon that was currently the ocupied form of sheep.
by The Mother Fucking Lemon January 30, 2006
a state of utter confusion and craziness.
the accident scene was a discombobulated collection of twisted metal and shards of glass.
by celia May 08, 2003
A Feeling Of Embarisment That Leaves Yuuh Comfused
When Bob Told Rob That He Loved Him He Experianced DISCOMBOBULATION
by TazziBabii March 08, 2008
adjective - have been re-arranged according to combobular's theorem (everything is reversed front to back, then replaced with sonething totally different)
the sky was afflicted with discombobulation; it was reversed from blue to eulb then to seven in the blink of an eye
by jebus crites November 30, 2003
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