A brief nap taken after getting home from a long week of kickin' ass at work, before a big night out.
Dude, I'm stoked for tonight but it was a really long week. You better believe I'm gonna be raging, but I gotta get home and hit up a disco nap before I can even think about getting to it. Just gimme 20 and we're golden.
by WoodHoot March 09, 2011
a nap taken afternoon/evening when have either not had enough sleep the night before or expecting a v. late one...

been proven that 45mins to an hour is the optimal amount but as little as 20mins is still helpful if very tired.

more than 1hr 15 and you go into a deeper sleep and are likely to feel drowsy for a long time after you wake up.

tip: take a korean ginseng energy tablet right before your nap and it'll be kicking in as you wake up :)
"last night was heavy i only got 2 hours sleep"
"what so you not coming out tonight anymore?"
"yeh i'm fine all i need is a disco nap and i'll be back on form!"
by lizzy697 December 25, 2008
To take a sleep in an afternoon knowing you are going out late that evening so as not to be so tired
Wow I feel refreshed after my disco nap
by Adam Burns August 25, 2007
Any nap that is followed by raucous mayhem, dancing and illicit activities.
Its ok to take a disco nap at 10am, as long as the party starts at 11!
by blackcatalyst February 03, 2010
People who live in cities that do not have nighttime public transit and intend to attend a nighttime party will stay at the party for the entire night. In order to stay awake through the party they will take a nap during the day before preparing to go out. This is called a "disco nap".
Brad: Hey, I don't know if I can go out to the party tonight, I feel kinda tired.
Chad: Dude, take a disco nap, then you'll be energized all night.
by thedisconapper July 02, 2016
In cities where the closing time and last call are in the hours of 3-4am and later, this late evening nap enables club goers energy when heading out around midnight.
John: Come out after dinner to pregameclubhopping!
Jane: I've gotta take a disco nap if we're going to make it to after hours.
by lady leopard May 30, 2009
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