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Someone who harasses or embarrasses an individual with a disability out in public view.
One who makes taunting remarks about someones disability.
The man talking to that guy over there in the wheelchair is a disability heckler.
by Robert Michael Hensel April 18, 2008
An asshole who goes around and laughs at those with disabilities as they make embarrassing mistakes.
Lance: "Hey Scott C. watch out for the puddle of water"
Scott C. falls into the water
Lance: "Hahahahahahah, you fell into the water when I told you not to you idiot"
Scott C.: "I am not an idiot, I have cerebral palsy"
Lance: "Cerebral Palsy is like being gay, you can choose not to be"
Scott C: "Not only are you a little bitch, but you are a disability heckler"
Lance: At least I am not a disaster mocker
Scott C: No you are a flood worrier you pussy
by Honchongo May 19, 2011
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