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Dirty pretty is a form of poetry which utilizes punctuation as a way of emphasizing words. Contrary to what many believe, it is NOT just random punctuation. It is about the calligraphy of words, using visuals to impact on the way the poem/emotions are seen and read. Although the content of dirty pretty poems varies, most pertain to drugs, sex, eating disorders, etc. Dirty pretty is a poetic art, and not everyone can master it. Many over-punctuate, making the poem hard to read and losing the true meaning of the piece.

Some truly great dirty pretty poets:
(found on
x Empathic Rose x
dancing marionette
Queen of Anonymity
(bear in mind that these poets write in other forms too)
Normal poetic stanza:
He kisses me so slowly,
His lips so soft against mine.
But then he turns and walks away,
And I weep at our final goodbye.

In dirty pretty format:
He {k i s s e s} me so

But then he turns
&& w a l k s . a w a y
&& I <<| weep |>> at our final
::::::: g.o.o.d.b.y.e ::::::::
by K.J.A.N February 18, 2008
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(also "dirrty-pretty")

"Dirty-pretty" is a diverse and nonspecific term used frequently when referring to a particular style of poetry, prose, lyrics, or music. The origins of the phrase are, to my knowledge, traced back to but that is completely up for debate.

~Dirty pretty is~

According to Diseased Mind: "something gorgeous and cancer filled. broken hearts and hipbones. stars and razor-blade wrists. eating disorders, Vogue, ugly, and glittered"

Dirty pretty is...modified scene kids, being pretty in a fucked up kind of way, walking the streets, addiction, glitter, glamor, Hollywood Blvd., toxicity, pixie dust, acid soaked anything, cyanide nightmares, &&, excessive periods, obsession, sex, lies, lipgloss, cheap perfume, makeup, plastic, romance, whores, neon lights, fake, gorgeous, bleeding speakers, shattered glass, cavities, eating disorders, bruises, makebelieve, insecurity, breakdowns, shot gun, hip bones, collar bones, &&all things m e l o d r a m a t i c.

~ f r a g i l e (commenting on poetry): Love it.
So many parts,
This is just
dirty-pretty being shoved down your throat and
bein laughed at behind your back.
~ You're such a whore, but you're so dirty-pretty, I still love you.
by painkiller.princess January 27, 2007
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a style of poetry writing, that uses characters on the keyboard to highlight phrases and words in a way to make it flow. used most commonly on
dirty pretty:


~ a w a y ~
as a /soft/ b r e e z e **carries** me

a w a y
by markmywordsgirll March 02, 2010
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A attractive girl who has obviously seen hardtimes and shows it. Often more edger clothing, slightly or very slutty, and usually tattooed. Also likely to be bisexual.

Also a statement of a girl you want to bang but wouldn't want to take home to mom.
Carmen Electra is dirty pretty.

Other dirty pretty women.

Christina Aguilera, Fergie, Kim Kardashian, Angelina Jolie
by Leightehawesome October 20, 2009
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