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A very smelly vagina
Barles you've got one dirty cheesesteak!
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Simialer to a Slick Biscuit except when licking and sucking on her filthy pussy, she's wildly into it and holds your head tight against her slick, wet, tangy and musky opening. If your lucky you can slide your tongue against her gumhole and get a bonus.
Charlene let me have a Dirty Cheese Steak this morning after we slept off a long night of me getting to Cornhole her after licking her Gumhole. She loves me being her panty sniffer and anal intruder. There's nothing quite like licking her Tailpipe clean before being her Rectum Rooter. When I woke up I had a Thud and spread her legs wide and using my tongue, enjoyed my Dirty Cheese Steak tasting her funky, tangy' musky twat.
by The King Cornholer 2 January 01, 2009
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