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A Dirty Sanchez is a sexual situation where a man is laying some pipe doggy-style, and while in the midst of sex he inserts his finger in the womans starfish and then smears his finger across her upper lip, giving her a thin shit moustache. This is the Dirty Sanchez.
That bitch was so skanky, she didnt even mind that I gave her a dirty snachez!
by BryanO July 17, 2003
2673 2529
a dirty sanchez is when you have anal sex and then smear the remaining feces onto your partners upper lip, like a mustache.
I tapped some freaky booty last night, she was so freaky she wanted me to give her the dirty sanchez.
by alex August 20, 2004
1316 1232
When you have anal sex and then wipe the crap on your partner's upper lip giving them a Hitler.
Sally like when Joe does a ditry- sanchez Hitler combo.
by Russian Love April 30, 2005
899 1394
The sexual act of a man inserting his finger into a woman's anal cavity
I want a dirty sanchez
by anonymous July 16, 2003
474 1432