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A stack of poker chips containing mostly all of the same color or denomination, with a chip or two of a smaller denomination mixed somewhere in the middle, creating an "unclean" stack of a normally even amount. Typically found after scooping a huge take of some superdonk's money and quickly stacking your massive loot. Commonly accompanied by a loud, audible "SHIP IT!"
Dealer: Player, you've got a dirty stack 5th from the right.
Player: Which stack?
Dealer: 5th from the right, that stack of blacks has a green chip in the middle.
Player: Which stack of blacks?
Dealer: The 5th from the right
Player: This one?
Dealer: No, next to it
Player: This one?
Dealer: No, two more over
Player: Oh I see it
Dealer: Give it here I'll color you up to purples
Player: Ship it.
by mcchris July 10, 2008
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