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when a man is doing a woman anally and whispers "thats how your sister likes it" and then sees how long he can hold on
when bob was doing marissa, he pulled a dirty rodeo and got held on for a split second
by sex god April 10, 2004
a dirty rodeo is the act of having sex with your partner and then stopping holding their arms where they cannot escape and say "i have AIDS" or any other type of disease which makes the partner go wild.
last night john gave sue a dirty rodeo and she went wild like a bull.
by Chase14 May 10, 2007
when a boy is sitting in jail and is making up words to send in letters back and forth this one is called dirty rodeo where you are fucking a girl in her anus and then grab ahold of her hair gently and whisper in her ear "i have A.I.D.S. and i got it from your sister" and then hurry and grab her hair and pull because she is about to go crazy and want to kill you.
"austin pulled a dirty rodeo on ashley, and it was hilariouse!"
by play_boy161718 November 29, 2009
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