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when one is pinned down and another defecates on one's face.
dude! my fat ass math teacher gave me a dirty nelson after i refused to give take her test!!
by bing cherry May 20, 2007
The act of growing out a goatee for a few weeks until a solid public mess appears on ones' chin (similar to that of a ball sac). Once the facial hair has reached an adequate length, one proceeds to have sex with an unsuspecting female. He then blows a large load in the females vagina. Using his goatee, he begins to wipe the vaginal region clean with circle motions. Once the dirty cooter is cleaned, the excess jizz will hang from his chin hairs and his partner will then begin to lick the chin clean. Finally, intimate french kissing takes place and all semen is dissolved.
Last night a girl asked me to Dirty Nelson her, and I did.
by an eye witness April 23, 2009
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