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a.k.a. "The Dirty" and "The Dirty 530"

-area code of a region in Northern California, east of the coast and north of Sacramento up to Oregon border
-includes major cities of Yuba, Redding, Chico, Placerville, Davis, and Butte
A: Hey guys I'm back in The Dirty! (530)
B: Awesome let's hang out and kick it soon!

A: Where you from?
B: The Dirty, bro
A: Dirty Five Thirty?
B: Yupp
A: Right on, represent!
by MrsOfficer August 18, 2011
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northern california. started by me on november first 1997 when norcal witched from 916 to 530. it is a movment to put norcal on the map. it has NOTHING to do with the hyphy movent or the bay area. we ryd mini trucks.
if u live in the 530 u live in the dirty five thirty.
by Dirty530 king July 02, 2007
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the area code of yuba city, olivehurst, roseville,wheatland, other small cities in that area as well in northern california.
dude 1: im straight outta tha dirty five thirty nukkuh
dude 2: what?
dude 1: yuba city, fag
dude 2: oh
dude 1: youre hecka gay
by Matt__X April 13, 2006
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area code 530 in nor-cal that extends from davis (yolo county) all the way to yuba city. mostly made up of small towns and farmland. next door neighbors of the yay area.
we rep the dirty five thirty!
by nor-cal girl September 02, 2006
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