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Blowing a load in a girls colon during anal sex, then getting her sister to come over and drink it as it seeps out.
I gave them the dirty butter
by demasta September 01, 2010
The act of fisting a female while milk is in her vagina. The arm acts as the churner while the vagina acts as the churning bucket. Also, I hope most of you can realize this really doesn't make butter.
The chick is this video makes some dirty butter.
Warning: 18+ video and quite sick and oddly funny http://www.redtube.com/6176
by Kriegenmeister July 23, 2008
A young man who has tendencies towards perversion or sleaziness.

Northern Ireland, L'Derry.
'See your man over there? He tried to shag my friend's dog - the dirty butter!'
by McGrots August 03, 2006