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The best offroad community in the world!
The Dirty Buffalo group pisses excellence.
by teamXDR December 15, 2014
similar to a water buffalo but instead of leaning a garbage can full of water, utilize a smaller container filled with dip spit
I just got fuckin dirty buffaloed

I got shit on by a dirty buffalo
by nightstalker90 January 19, 2011
A dirtybuffalo is a person (male or female) who loves to be seen naked by others - on the internet in photos or on webcams and to see others the same way.
The dirtybuffalo posted her toilet photos on the website and then viewed the new ones posted by her friends.
by DirtyBuffalo August 31, 2006
A sexual act wherein the male cums on the female's face, then flips her over and fucks her to orgasm.
"I gave her the Dirty Buffalo because I love fucking her while I watch my cum pool in her eyes."
by Noahsk April 07, 2010
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