When one person lets there asshole get all disgusting and dirty, then another has butt sex with them (usually done messy)!
1) Dirt Biki- My ass feels so gross, but it will be worth it tonight when I get dirt biked!

2) Dirt Biker- Man I can't wait to go dirt biking tonight.

(friend) -Wow, thats pretty sick.
by Wood9412 February 13, 2009
Top Definition
The placement of one's face, specifically the mouth, into the area between a person's buttocks, followed by a rapid shaking of the face in a side-to-side motion, accompanied with an extreme exhale, resulting in the sound of a two wheeled motorized vehicle. See Motorboating.
So it turns out, Shit Faced and Dirtbiking are the same thing. Heeheehee

Is that shit on your lips or are you just happy to see me?

I've been dirtbiking so long, even Cookie Monster won't eat my chocolate chips.
by Pappa Weird December 30, 2011
The act of shitting oneself whilst wearing tight biker leathers or racing suit.
'I almost crashed my road-bike yesterday, and ended up dirtbiking'.
by McTastic January 26, 2006
When you stick your arms out in front of you as if you were dirtbiking, then pretend to ride a dirtbike by running around and making loud and obnoxious dirtbike sounds at the top of your lungs in a public area. May be accompanied by dirtbike gear. Usually, a bout of dirt biking is accompanied by wipe-outs, where you do a spectacular crash and make sputtering sounds. Afterwards, you can pick up the bike and do a sweet wheelie to get out of there.
Guy 1: Man, did you see that plank I did?

Guy 2: Planking? Everyone knows dirt biking is where it's at!

Guy 3: Ya, I just went dirt biking in Wal-Mart!
by p00nwrangler August 25, 2011
DIRTBIKING, to oversteer and slip from the wet stuff, down the dirt track, be sure to put on a helmet, the terrain is rough and tough.
man i went dirtbikin last night, dam that track was tight.
solihull girls love dirtbiking
by DJ_FERNZ October 10, 2006
verb When a male rubs his dick on a girls ass while she proceeds to have diarrhea.
Betty and i were dirt biking so hard last night that the dirt splattered everywhere!
by O.G. God February 03, 2011
A secret code-word for homo activities between childhood buddies.
"Remember when we used to go dirtbiking together all the time?"
" That was fun. We should go dirtbiking again like we did when we were kids."
by Duff and Brad May 29, 2003
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