One of the best hard rock/sort of grunge albums ever, released by Alice In Chains in 1992. Great guitar/bass/drumwork, amazing vocals, and very intense lyrics. Most of it was inspired by Layne Staleys life ending heroin addiction, causing the album to have a verk dark feel to it. Better than 99% of what you hear on the radio these days.
Some highlights are Rain When I Die, Rooster, Junkhead, Dirt, Hate to Feel, Down in a Hole, and Would?, though all of the tracks are awsome.
"Would?" from Dirt

Into the flood again
Same old trip it was back then
So I made a big mistake
I'd rather you see it once my way

Am I wrong?
Have I run too far to get home
Have I gone?
And left you here alone
If I Would, Could You?

Hate to Feel lyrics-

Plastic man, paper face
Candy heart, what a waste
Gotta change, set a date
Eat my cake, lick my plate

Stare at me with empty eyes and
Point your words at me
Mirror on the wall will show you
What you're scared to see
by Rush8192 October 06, 2005
Indulging in pot brownies
Can we dirt later?
Does anyone have dirt on them?
Are we gunna get dirty tonight?
by HEproductions December 26, 2011
something jack sparrow has a jar of
I've got a jar of dirt
I've got a jar of dirt
I've got a jar of dirt

And guess whats inside it
by [ Insert Name Here] January 17, 2010
awesome, really good , cool

Syn: ill, nasty, sick
You seen him play ball? Kid's dirt!
by Babigurl27 April 20, 2004
A slang term for cigarettes
I'm gonna go and smoke a dirt
by mrleslie12212 December 08, 2008
I do my dirt all by my lonely
by cheese_is_good_in_cracker_form September 24, 2003
Adj. Describing something:
1. "Sick"
2. Awesome
3. Chill
4. Sweet
5. Good
"Dude i fucked kailey last night"
"Thats sooo dirt!"

"Party this weekend my place!"
"Thats Dirt!"
by w33zyxx April 13, 2010

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