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attempting and making a ridiculous shot. Particularly in "fading away" fashion. Similar to the 2011 NBA Playoffs where Dirk Nowitzki went H.A.M. for two solid months and made multiple clutch dirk shots
While falling out of bounds, Dirk Nowitzki j'd the dirk shot over Lebron James to seal Game 6 of the NBA Finals
#dirk #nba #h.a.m. #shot #lebron
by Drowe February 08, 2012
The dirk shot is a shot in beer pong that saves your from both trolling and losing the game. It is generally when you are playing terribly and are off balance.
Make this dirk shot or you will be trolling!
#beer #pong #trolling #dirk #shot #beerpong #playing poorly #drinking #rebuttal #redemption
by rough_dawg May 12, 2011
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