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eggs over easy so you can dip your toast, sausage, bacon, etc. in them. said alot in pittsburgh PA
mom- honey do you want dippy eggs or scrambled eggs?
me- you know i want some dippy eggs!!!
by bighomiematt February 18, 2007
To "dip" ones penis in ones vagina
"Ye bro I dippy egged that soccer mom while she put a sock in my ghandi's flip flop"
The act of stretching one's scrotum-sack down his/her leg until reach maximum length, while having a testicle in the middle. This resembles an egg (being the testicle the yoke, and sack the egg whites)
"Jake Scheinberg is the king of Dippy Egging, he can even do it when it's freezing out." -Austin DeBo
by Lovesthesloppyjews November 08, 2010
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