The act of, on the sly, inserting/placing your penis in a persons drink while they are not watching
as huey glanced at the flashy car driving past, he was quickly 'dipped' by his maggot friend
by thazorba January 08, 2007
Top Definition
Dressed really nice; fashionable, early 90's
man, that dude is dipped fo sure!
by Shaneo October 17, 2003
1.To leave physically in any situation (most likely really fast to get away)
2.To run/get away from something
1 & 2. After seeing one run away really fast: "Man, he/she DIPPED!"

Can also be used as: "He/she 'dipped out!'"
by DireWolf September 04, 2006
When you run from someone or something.
Created By Henry
The kid dipped away from the house when they where ding-dong-ditching.
by Hank J. White October 25, 2012
To quickly run away.
Guy 1:Man, who through this ice back of my shirt.
Guy 2:I tell you who, but he already dipped.
by BHM1250 November 23, 2009
To be well put-together, as in fashion, style et cetera. Common usage, early to mid-90s.

Synonyms: "Laid", "Fly", "Phat", "Togetha", "Dope", in "your Sunday-go-to-Meetins" (Sunday best/fineries), "Stylin".
As uttered by legendary actor, ROBERT De NIRO on a recent episode of SNL in December of 2010 with Rapper, SEAN COMBS.

De Niro, dressed in drag as Andy Samberg's “Blizzard Man”'s Mother: "Oh, Didders... You know a bitch gotta stay dipped!"--- which... loosely translated means, "Oh, Sean! As you are CERTAINLY AWARE... a woman must see to it that her presentation is flawless at all TIMES... and that she has, in FACT, washed her AZZ".
by One Dipped Man-Bitch! December 07, 2010
When some puts BBQ or any type of condiments on their wang and then they slap you in the face and leave a wangy condiment mark and yell "DIP"
I was acting rude at my friends party, so I got held down and dipped.
by Number1a April 19, 2011
being greatly dissed , that makes everyone go "OHH."

or dipping someone .
the act of dissing someone .
when someone is dipped , you have the right to say "DIPPPPP"

to signify a dip , you must make a fist , and hit it with your open palm saying "DIPPP"
I dipped Jack Earlier , and he had no comeback .
by teewertz March 03, 2011
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