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Dino Spumoni is a fictional character on the cartoon series Hey Arnold. Spumoni is hit a singer in the show, based on real world singer Dean Martin
dino spumoni's lyrics include
"you broke my heart in peices on the floor
now its time to break some things of yours.."
by um kristen August 31, 2006
The swing singing, Frank Sinatra/Dean Martin clone from the television show Hey Arnold!

Dino's many exploits include faking his own death for record sales, punching cameramen, and pissing off his writer.
Darling, you left my heart
In pieces on the floor
So tell me why shouldn't I
Break some things of yours?
I'll smash your lamp, the antique chair,
That stupid thing you always wear;
I'll smash a vase, the radio,
Those little teacups from Limoge;
Your wacky paintings on the walls;
Darling - POW - I'll smash 'em all;

Dino Spumoni - Smashed
by MLVMosley November 18, 2009
The act of shoving your thumb up another person rectum in an act of surprise while exclaiming the phrase "DINO SPUMONI!"
So we were all drinking lots of beer at Eastern when I went to bend over to talk to a wasted chick and that guy Alex totally gave me a Dino Spumoni.
by Brian Conway January 21, 2009
A slang term for dinosaur semen, its not as tasty as you might think :( The problem with dinsoaur spumoni is that only the Italian dinosaurs had it, leaving all the other dinosaurs impotent.
Jeeze Frank, you've got dino spumoni all over your hair... your head might be pregnant with littlefoot's brother.
by Cooley McCool September 20, 2006

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