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A dinglebat is worse then a dingleberry. A dingleberry is someone who acts inappropriately. A Dinglebat is someone who clings to a seriously flawed philosophical trend, or a political trend, because it will curry them favor.
Smithers on The Simpsons is a Dinglebat. As is Larry Jacobs, or Dr. Hager....
by Gay Auntie November 30, 2009
The word "dingle bat" was created by me. Dingle Bat is reciognized to have three definitions;
1. A bat with one wing
2. A person who talks too much and has nothing important to say
3. Someone with an utterly annoying voice that makes you want to shoot them to bloody death.
1. I saw a dingle bat fall out of a tree the other night.
2. Greg talks a whole bunch, but really has nothing important to say; he's a real dingle bat.
3. Leah has a really shrill and annoying voice, which makes her a dingle bat.
by jacob December 21, 2004
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