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MDMA (3,4-methylenedioxy-N-methamphetamine), most commonly known today by the street name "ecstasy," (often abbreviated to E, X, or XTC )
derived from the street slang 'Pinger' which means exactly the same thing.
'Mate just went to juicy's crib n hooked ourselves up with some chron dingas!'
by switchdnb April 08, 2007
I true clumsy person who trips into everyting and falls over himself.
Wow that guy is such a dingas he is fallin' all over the place.
by Brandon Murphy March 06, 2003
crazy person or animal
My friend is such a dingas.
by Bob Shirley February 03, 2005
A complete and total buffoon, someone who has no common sense or natural abilities
Good lord, look at that dingas over there, he can't do anything.
by An0maly May 20, 2013
Pronounced - Din-gas.
A person who spills drinks and breaks random objects.
Also know as Dicky Fingas (Dicky Fin-gas) or Dicky Pingas (dicky Pin-Gas)
A smashing Sound in the background...
Dingas has broken another glass at the Herb Farm,
no suprises there !!!
by Gilbertmac May 09, 2007
A fake word used in Scrabble, in an attempt to confuse fellow players.
"Dinga's a word! It's the root word of Dingari, another totally not fake word."
by frustrated_scrabbler April 28, 2013
Noun: The term for euro-chic men who wear minimalistic undergarments with built-in cup compartments to accentuate the size of their package. Adj.: The term used to describe said fashion trend.
"Hey, dinga, put some clothes on! I am disconcerted by the size of... your schlong!"; or, "Why would I wear baggy American-style boxers when I can rock it dinga style?"
by better_left_unseen May 10, 2013
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